Meet Coach Paul Ozier
of Peaks Coaching Group


PCG Elite/Master Coach

USA Cycling Licensed Coach since 2003 Level 1

Training Peaks Level 1 Certified

BikeFit Trained

CPR Certified

Safe Sport Certified

Focus: Gravel, Gran Fondo, ZWIFT, Road Racing
Criterium, MTB, Cyclo-cross, Centuries



Paul began his cycling adventure in the early 1980s. Casual rides with friends soon turned into who

could ride farther and faster than the others. A hidden competitiveness emerged.

It was not until the late 90s that Paul took on a coach (Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching Group) and

followed a structured training plan. “Quickly I realized I had been guessing, wasting time, and missing

out on years of what could have been much better fitness and performance.” Racing and general riding

excelled. In his mid-40s Paul moved up to a Cat II road cyclist. Racing in the Pro 1/2 category is

exhilarating. Performance in his late 40s was better than his 20s!


Hindsight is 20/20. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have been light years ahead of the

game. I am here to help and share the knowledge, lessons, and skills I have learned over the last 30+

years so you do not have to spend years with trial and error, wondering if you are doing the right

thing, and only hoping to get better.


A spark was ignited in the early 2000s. Paul earned his USA Cycling Coaching license and began sharing

his knowledge with others. Now a USA Cycling Level 1 coach and a Training Peaks Level 1 coach. Sharing

his knowledge for more than 16 years has been an extremely rewarding endeavor. Athletes under his

wing have grown, excelled, and earned Gold and Silver in state championship races, as well as many

other wins and podium finishes. All have set new personal bests across the board!


Paul has a background of road racing, mountain bike racing, Zwift, Centuries, and Gran Fondos. Enjoying

the sport in a variety of events is simply a joy. For 2020 Paul has a season of Gravel races, Centuries and

Gran Fondo events to fill his plate. “As I get older (now in early 50s, yet still feeling 21) I am still

focused on my fitness, power, FTP, all the technical things, and getting better and better, and faster. I

love the “non-race events” more and more, even though they are always challenging, fast, and filled

with racers, and I always hope they will have me crawling home by the end”. Even though many riders

may not ride at that super hard intensity, your events are a lot more fun when you have proper

coaching, are fit, and at a new level in your cycling performance. Paul’s goal is to make your goal

possible, no matter what cycling path you take.



Coaching Philosophy


Each athlete is an individual with varying abilities, skills, capabilities, qualities and un-tapped potential.

Most athletes have undiscovered potential that is not realized until they have an unbiased, outside view

of their talents. It is the 1 and 2% differences that add up to a wealth of improvements for the athlete. I

look at each person, learn their talents and their limiters. Each person is a unique work in progress. It is

an artform to learn and develop a personalized training structure so the athlete grows into a well-

rounded rider with an array of skills and abilities. Communicating with each other is a critical part of the

success. I am an open book of experience, knowledge and feedback. Sharing what I have experienced

and been educated with over the last 30 years, then seeing an athlete reach a new milestone with a

smile on their face is what it is all about.

Whether it is Road Racing, Gravel Racing, Mountain Biking, Gran Fondos, or Zwift, Paul has the passion

and experience to help you succeed with your goals.



Notable Achievements


Road Racing 20+ years, Cat II on the road.

MTB Racing 15+ years

Qualified for NORBA Mountain Bike Championships in 2004, 2008- 2011.

3 Time participant USA Cycling Masters National Championships

Silver Medal Georgia State Criterium 2010

Georgia State Time Trial Bronze Medal 2000



Athlete Testimonials


"Over the years I’ve worked with several different coaches. But it’s been while working with Paul that

not only did I reach my highest power numbers, but also learned how to “Race Smart” and apply that

power at the right time to get my best results ever. Including a podium finish at the State Criterium

Championships. Paul took me from someone who was training hard to barely hang on to the back of the

pack, to a racer that was a threat to win in almost any race I started. I couldn’t recommend him more

highly!" -- Pat in Park City, UT


“I came to Paul and PCG because I was tired of wasting valuable time. I was also tired of wondering if I was doing the right types of workouts, at the right frequency, at the right time to make the most of my limited time. Prior to working with Paul I was without a training plan, making my best guesses as to what I should be doing for day-to-day workouts. Paul’s knowledge and custom plan took all of the guess-work and confusion out of training for me. This took a large burden off of my shoulders and allowed me to just focus on the daily workout he had planned for me. I trusted in Paul’s plan and despite the relatively short amount of time we had before XC MTB race season, Paul put me on the fast-track to consistent podium finishes.” Nathan in Iowa